After a candidate has been saved, there may additional steps and processing that is required for the candidate outreach sequence to occur.

Candidate Review - Based on the Campaign settings, the candidate is being reviewed by a Team Member or by the Campaign Owner. The candidate needs to be approved in order for them to be contacted. Rejected candidates will not be reached.
TopFunnel at Work - TopFunnel is processing the candidate, i.e., validating the candidate identity, details and email address
Draft - The email is currently sitting in the Sender’s Drafts folder ready to send
Awaiting Next Sendable Day - The candidate email will go out on the next business day or day based on the Settings > ‘Send On’ days in the Campaigns.

For more details on an individual the candidate status, slick on the "Sourced" button for more information on the status of the candidate.

You can also view additional information in the candidate's Profile tab, under the Outreach tab

Please visit this article on the different candidate status available.
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