The Campaign Owner found the candidate and successfully saved them to TopFunnel
Candidate Review - Based on the Campaign settings, the candidate is being reviewed by a Team Member or by the Campaign Owner
TopFunnel at Work - TopFunnel is processing the candidate, i.e., validating the candidate identity, details and email address
Draft - The email is currently sitting in the Sender’s Drafts folder ready to send
Awaiting Next Sendable Day - The candidate email will go out on the next business day or day based on the Settings > ‘Send On’ days in the Campaigns

The candidate email thread was not processed and not reached and all subsequent campaign follow ups will not go out
Rejected - During Candidate Review, the Reviewer rejected the candidate
Couldn’t Process - TopFunnel could not find a valid email or stopped the messaging due to GDPR or privacy/opt-out protections
Bounced - TopFunnel reached the candidate but the email was not valid
Draft Deleted - The email was deleted in the Drafts folder

TopFunnel has found a valid email for the candidate and reached them successfully
Awaiting Reply - The candidate has not responded yet, but the messaging sequence is still ongoing
No Reply - All messaging (including follow-ups) has been sent and the candidate has not replied
Stopped - Messaging Stopped - The follow ups thread has been completed and/or the subsequently follow ups have been stopped

Categorizing - TopFunnel is processing the reply as positive, negative, or unclear
Unclear Reply - TopFunnel has determined the reply may need further review by the Sender
Follow up Later - The candidate is currently unavailable to respond and would like to connect later
Not Interested - The candidate is not interested in the position

Replied Positive - The candidate is interested in chatting
Interview - The candidate is in the interview process

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