The buttons allows you to re-engage candidates you that you have previously added to "save for later" or sourced to TopFunnel. You can re-engage using TopFunnel to reach out to candidates OR using LinkedIn InMail.

Re-engaging candidates or Reaching out to "save for later" candidates via TopFunnel
First, select the candidates you want to engage. Select Recruit, then via TopFunnel.

Next, select the project and/or campaign you'd like to add the candidate(s) to

Lastly, since we've sourced the candidate(s) before, the Allow reaching out to previously sourced candidates switch will need to be toggled on. Click Send and you're all done!

Re-engaging via LinkedIn
You can only re-engaging candidates through LinkedIn one at a time since the customized first message generated by TopFunnel has to be copied and pasted over to a personal InMail.
First, find the candidate you want to re-engage. Then select Recruit then via LinkedIn.

Next, you will see a "Success" message pop-up at the bottom right of the screen.

Lastly, on the candidate's LinkedIn page, select "Message" and right-click "Paste" the copied messaging. Then select "Send".
Your outreach will be recorded in the candidate's profile page.

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