Sourced means that a candidate has been added to a campaign via the Chrome Extension or has been added by TopFunnel to your Stream campaign. This status has a few further possibilities. Hover your cursor over the Sourced status badge for more detail:

TopFunnel at Work : Candidate profile is being processed for quality purposes. There can be slight delays as TopFunnel finds and verifies candidate information.

Send Scheduled : This can mean mean two things: 1) Candidate was added outside normal business hours. 2) Sender is rate limited: To promote email domain health, each sender's outreach is dispersed hourly and has a maximum daily limit. This includes scheduled followups.

Stopped - Bounced : The email provided has bounced. We will search for a new email and re-send the message if successful.

Stopped - Couldn't Process : This can mean a few things. 1) We were unable to find a valid email for the candidate. 2) Candidate is protected under GDPR regulations. 3) Messaging was manually stopped by user.

Candidate Review : Candidates need to be approved/rejected by campaign reviewer. Reviewer can do so here.

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