Campaigns now live under Projects!

For existing users, a new project will be created for every open campaign on your team. Also, we will create a new project for every open job in your ATS not already connected to TopFunnel (we integrate with Greehouse and Lever). However, you can change Project auto-creation if you wish. Please contact your account manager to do so.

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How do I connect my Greenhouse job requisition to my TopFunnel Project?

What's different about the new TopFunnel Projects?

The new TopFunnel Projects allow much more versatility in customizing your workflow, complete with automated A/B testing and advanced collaborative options for your team.

Candidate reviewer option is now set for entire Project.

You can further organize by moving campaigns between projects.

Multiple teammates can contribute to a project.

Candidates may be Saved for Later for future outreach.

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Can I move a campaign to a different project?
Creating a New Project

You can now give teammates permission to edit projects and create campaigns under your project

You can now create multiple campaigns under a project, even with different owners and senders.
Want to experiment to get the best response rates? Create multiple campaigns with different templates and/or different senders!

Not quite ready for outreach? Save your candidate for later!

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You can now automatically A/B test across multiple campaigns in a project!

More info: Introducing Shuffle: A/B Testing in TopFunnel Projects

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