Sending on behalf of a teammate? TopFunnel allows you to reply to interested candidates on on behalf of the sender!
Replying-on-behalf-of-sender (or ROBO) will allow the campaign creator to customize and manage all replies when sending on behalf of a teammate.

To enable ROBO, navigate to the settings tab of a campaign. In the dropdown, select Me. It will only affect candidates sourced after the change is made.

When an interested candidate responds, the message will skip the sender's inbox entirely. The campaign creator will be notified via email that a positive reply has been received.

To reply directly to the candidate on the sender's behalf, select View in Thread

You will be redirected to the outreach tab for the candidate. To reply, select Compose message as (sender) :

Here, you can engage the candidate directly from the sender! You can also CC or BCC teammates.

Please note: If a positive auto-reply is enabled, you will still receive a notification. We will let you know an auto-reply has been sent and that no further action is needed. If you'd like to send an additional reply, you can still do so in the same manner described above.
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