Create a project, build your outreach, and connect with qualified candidates!

Before we get started, follow the link on your dashboard or click below to download the TopFunnel Google Chrome extension.

First, let's create a project.
TopFunnel will automatically create a project for every job in your ATS. We currently support Greenhouse and Lever. No ATS? We can manually create a new project!

Creating a New Project

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Now that we've created a project, let's build your outreach!
Create a customized outreach, complete with follow-up messages and automated reply options:

Creating a New Campaign

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Hooray, you've built a campaign! Let's start sourcing candidates!
Find your ideal candidates and add them using the TopFunnel Chrome extension:
Using the TopFunnel Extension

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One of my candidates responded! Let's get them on a call!
TopFunnel has several options for handling candidate responses:
Managing Candidate Responses

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