Plans and Features

New users can trial this plan for the first 7 days
Source and engage up to 250 candidates per month, from anywhere on the web, excludes follow-ups in the campaign sequence (Requires candidate email addresses if the email is not available in our database)
Two-way integration with your team's Applicant Tracking System
Robust reporting with via Looker with Team Overview, ATS reporting, DE&I reporting
A/B Testing outreach campaigns and performance metrics (open, click, response, interest)
Send on Behalf of - Send messages as your hiring managers/managers/leaders or anyone on your team
Pricing per recruiter seat per month (a recruiter seat is a user with at least 5 new outreaches)
Billed quarterly or annually (10% annual discount), see below for billing information

Includes all of the standard Essential features
Plus fully customizable reporting via Looker, including custom filters and measures
Plus unlimited sourcing and an additional human-in-the-loop process to find emails that our system does not find automatically
Plus Reply on Behalf of - Reply to candidates on behalf of your hiring managers/managers/leaders or anyone on your team
Plus advanced benchmarking against peers or competitors
Plus any upcoming NEW features
Billed annually only, reach out to for billing information

*Billing for ESSENTIAL
Sourcing Limits: User new outreaches counts are tracked on a per user basis. If a user is used only for send on behalf of (SOBO), their count of outreaches are not incremented. If the team wants to upgrade to Premium, the whole team needs to be upgraded.

Accepted Payments: For Essential plans, we can only take payment via credit card at this time. Premium plans can be paid via ACH or CC.

Billing Period: Billing period starts when checkout is complete. If a user checks out on the 13th of the month, the next bill is 3 months or a year from that date.

Adding/removing additional seats: One user seat is considered at least 5 new outreaches in the last month. Users are added automatically if the user sources and sends out more than 5 new outreaches within a month. When users are added to the plan, the system will automatically prorate the user based on the billing period and charge the credit card on file. Users are removed automatically in the next billing period when their new outreach count drops below 5 in the last month. Improvements for adding and removing seats are in development.*
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