When a public job requisition is created in Greenhouse, TopFunnel will automatically generate a project of the same name connected to the job req. Projects can also be manually created and synced with a Greenhouse job req.

Navigate to the Settings of your project > under ATS Connect > select the job req you would like the Project to connect to.
Please note: Only one job req can connect to one Project.

If your job req is connected to a Project, the Greenhouse icon will appear adjacent to the Project name.

Pushing Profiles to Greenhouse

By default, everyone reached with a valid email will be pushed to Greenhouse as a Candidate. You can change the default setting in your Team Settings to push profiles as Prospects instead of Candidates. This can also be changed on under the settings tab for your project. Additionally, you can choose to convert Prospects to Candidates upon a positive reply in outreach. Lastly, you can select which stage your candidate is pushed to.

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