How to integrate your Lever ATS with TopFunnel:

You will need to be a Super Admin in Lever and a team admin in TopFunnel to set up the Lever integration.

Log into Lever and on your upper right go to ‘Settings’. Go to ‘Integrations and API’ on the side menu on the left.

To obtain an API key, click on the ‘Partner Integrations’ tab:

Turn on TopFunnel under the Communication section:

Click ‘generate new key’ and copy the generated API key:

Go to TopFunnel team settings (

Under ATS, select Lever. Paste the API key you generated into ‘TopFunnel API key’ and click ‘save’:

Turn on Clara under the Scheduling section in Lever:

Generate API key, copy and paste it into ‘Clara API key’ in TopFunnel team settings and click ‘save’.

You are all set!

All TopFunnel Lever customers should set up both a TopFunnel key and a Clara key.

If you did not have the option to generate an API key on Lever, possibly you do not have Super Admin permissions for your Lever account, which are required in order to set up this integration.
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