You can import a large number of candidates into TopFunnel following a few quick steps:

Select the desired candidates from a project or campaign on another website (LinkedIn, Gem, Hiretual, etc).
Click on 'Save to CSV'; This will save your candidate data into a separate file that will be automatically downloaded to your computer.

If you haven't already, create a TopFunnel campaign or project.
Go to your campaign or project, click on 'CSV Import' on the upper right of your page.

Upload the CSV file you downloaded by dropping it in the window that pops up or selecting it from your computer; If you are not sure where to find it, your 'Downloads' folder would be a good place to start.

Import may take a while if you are trying to import a large number of candidates. You will receive an email once import is completed.

Go back to your campaign or project and find your imported candidates!

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