How do I create my first message?
You can create your first message under the campaigns tab. Get creative! We have a list of variables that you can use and some sample templates for inspiration.

Do I get to review messages before they are sent?
In the campaign, if 'Send As - Me' is selected, then the messages will be automatically sent out. If you select "Send As Me - preview email in 'Drafts'" all drafts will be returned to your drafts folder for review.

How long does it take for TopFunnel to create a message?
It takes between fifteen minutes to an hour to create your messages.

What happens if an email bounces?
If an email bounces, we automatically identify it and attempt to find a better email address for that candidate.

Can you send the first message in a campaign at a later date?
At this time, you cannot schedule the initial outreach in campaign. However, you can start a project here and add candidates to a campaign whenever you are ready. Once you create a project, it will be in the dropdown in your extension.

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