1. Determine if your file columns are titled correctly.
First column: LinkedIn ID OR Profile URL
Optional, Second column: Email If you have the email already, otherwise TopFunnel will search for it.
Optional, Third column: Tags

LinkedIn IDEmailTags
https://www.linkedin.com/in/williamhgates/Microsoft employees

2. Ensure your file is .csv format
Comma Separated Spreadsheet (.csv)
The importer does not accept Excel files or other formats at this time.
It does not work with .xlsx or .xml or .xls or .txt.

3. Note the limit on total candidates per upload
There is a limit of 200 rows per .csv file. If you would like to upload >200 candidates, please separate the files and upload each one.

3. Missing candidates? "Allow reaching out to previously sourced candidates" - Toggled OFF and disabled by default
The candidates you have uploaded may include candidates that were already sourced and saved into your Team. If this option is disabled, then TopFunnel will not re-save the same candidates. Please toggle ON/enable this option if you want to save duplicative candidates.
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