Now that we've created a project, let's build your initial outreach and follow-up messages. Within a project, click New Campaign at the top right of the page

Next, give your campaign a name and choose the sender. TopFunnel gives you the option to send from your own email or on behalf of your teammates.

Next, create your outreach, personalize your message with our custom variables, and select Create New Campaign

More info on using custom variables: How do the variables work? What is {First Name}, {Company} and {Sentence}?

Next, customize your follow-up messages.
TopFunnel automatically generates standard follow-up messages, but feel free to customize to your liking.
Choose when your followups are sent

Lastly, choose your options for candidate responses.
TopFunnel offers many different options for handling candidate responses. More info here:
Managing Candidate Responses

You did it! We're ready to source candidates and begin reaching out to candidates!
Next up, adding candidates with the TopFunnel Chrome Extension:
Using the Chrome Extension with TopFunnel Projects

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