You've probably noticed your TopFunnel Chrome Extension looks a little different. It's a little better, too!

The new TopFunnel Projects flow features a few upgrades for the TopFunnel Chrome Extension.

Users can now create multiple campaigns within a project, with the option of different senders for each.

You can now give teammates permission to edit or add to a project/campaign you created.

Candidates can be added to specific campaigns, added to a Project for later, or placed at random into a campaign via our new A/B Testing Feature.

More info: Welcome to the New TopFunnel Projects!

How do I use the new TopFunnel Chrome Extension?

1 Select whether you're viewing campaigns/projects you're involved with or your teammates' projects
2 Select the project you're sourcing into
3 Select the campaign or just add to the project for later

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Welcome to the New TopFunnel Projects!
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