For the best TopFunnel experience, it's best to provide a LinkedIn profile URL. However, if you cannot, you can still reach out to candidates as long some basic information is provided.
When adding candidates without a LinkedIn URL, there are a few things we still need:

A valid email for the candidate
First Name
Last Name

We strongly recommend NOT using the Company or Custom variables.
The custom sentence variable creates customization based on information provided by LinkedIn profiles. When saving candidates without a LinkedIn profile, the custom sentence variable cannot function properly.
You may include a company column to populate the Company variable, however without the LinkedIn information, we cannot be certain their current company is up to date. Therefore, we do not recommend using the Company variable.

Profile data presented in TopFunnel is based on LinkedIn profiles. As a result, the data for profiles added without a LinkedIn URL will not be as robust as usual.
Messaging sequences will commence as usual. TopFunnel will still track outreach and responses.

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