Yes! You may import as many as 200 profiles at a time to a project and/or campaign.
A few things before uploading:

First, make sure the title of the LinkedIn URL column reads LinkedIn ID or Profile URL
If you have emails already, add them to an 'Email' column. TopFunnel will find the email otherwise.
For candidate tags- add them to a 'Tags' column. Tags should be comma-separated.

Open the project you'd like to add profiles to. Next, select CSV Import at the top-right of the page.

There is a variety of import options other than adding to one campaign (5) :
Choose whether or not to engage duplicate profiles (profiles already in your ATS or profiles your team has reached before)
Choose to add profiles to your campaigns or a teammate's
Save to the project for later outreach
A/B Test across all campaigns
Choose a campaign

Lastly, drag the file into the box or upload from your device and select Start. Your CSV import may take as long as 20 minutes. You will receive an email confirmation when complete.

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